Visual Studio Code for C++ development on MacOS

I've tried lot's of c++ IDEs on MacOS X, but none of them is as powerful as VS Studio on Windows. It's always hard for me to choose an IDE before I want to write some code, as it's called the Selection phobia. Generally we have the following choose:

  • Vim/Emacs (I'm familiar with VIM but it's still not an easy way, for me)
  • CodeBlocks (not good maintained on MacOS)
  • CodeLite (it's a good choose!)
  • XCode (I just don't like it, Heavy and ugly, can't get used to it)
  • QT Creator (it's useful especially when developing Qt projects)
  • Eclipse CDT
  • NetBeans
  • CLion (maybe the best c++ IDE on MaxOS, unfortunately does not have a free version)
  • Textmate

Recently I tried Visual Studio Code, it's really a good choose for those who want to write some c++ code in a lightweight IDE. [阅读更多...]


随机数顾名思义就是你无法确定的一个数(但是你可以设定一个范围),就好比彩票摇号一样,所有可能的组合是知道的,但是到底会摇出个什么数字出来,谁都不知道。否则我早就买彩票去了😂 那随机数是怎么生成出来的? [阅读更多...]

Compile OpenJDK8 on MacOSX

纯手工编译OpenJDK8。在Mac上尝试了一下,因为编译这玩意需要XCode4*,而现在XCode都升级到9了,虽然可以下载旧版的XCode,但试了一下貌似不太兼容。于是在Virtualbox中装lubuntu来编译一下玩玩。在Virtualbox使用NAT网络做端口转发的时候,竟然发现不支持主机的22端口(貌似是权限的问题),改为10240则Ok。 [阅读更多...]